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Beauty in Truth

In just over a decade, MasterCut has become the premier natural stone brand. It’s easy to see why. Nature gave MasterCut a head start—the largest deposit of stone in the mid-Atlantic, which means we can cut, and quickly deliver, a wide variety of shapes and sizes, all of consistent and unmatched quality. We return the favor by being good stewards of the land, leaving harvested acres ready for farming, sporting, building. In this way, MasterCut proves that when it comes to natural stone, there is beauty in truth.

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Tap into the infinite variety of nature

Unlike manufactured concrete products, natural stone weathers beautifully and gains greater character over time, so you can create memorable settings indoors and out. If chipped, even years after installation, it’s still stone beneath, so the effect is one of continuing beauty and character.

And, because of our centralized and efficient operation, you get all these advantages at a price no greater than manufactured concrete. Explore our ever-growing line of sustainably harvested stone, in a variety of cuts and colors, starting with our Stony Point line from the mid-Atlantic’s largest deposit of more than 800 acres.

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  • Williams Ledge
    Home in Baltimore, MD
  • Natural Ledge
    Home in Williamsburg, VA
  • European Chisel Cut
    Dressed Ledge
    Home in Ridgeley, West Virginia
  • Mosaic
    Wounded Warrior Project
  • Mosaic Williams Ledge
    Home in West Virginia

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